Stacey Hendrickson Shares The Whimsical World Of Casper & Pearl

Web1Photo: Courtesy of Casper & Pearl.
Most college students are multi-tasking machines what with juggling coursework, a social life, and maybe even a part-time job. With a full schedule and deadlines left and right, it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. But designer Stacey Hendrickson of Casper & Pearl somehow manages to keep it together while working on her business swag with a brand new fashion line.
I had the chance to shoot with the brand and got to know this inspirational visionary. Click through for a peek into Hendrickson's whimsical world with the latest C&P lookbook.
Web2Photo: Courtesy of Casper & Pearl.
You started your fashion label at 18. What advice do you have for young designers?
"As cliché as it may sound, I just have to say to believe in yourself. It's crazy how many people told me not to have my hopes up and that it’s not a very realistic dream, which can definitely be disheartening. But with anything you just have to take this kind of criticism in stride and use it as your fuel to show people that they were wrong."
Over the years what has been the most challenging part of the design and marketing process?
"Definitely just working at getting your name out there. It can also be a toughie to have people take you seriously when you're first starting out just because there are so many young labels that come and go. But just show persistence and loyalty to everybody that helps you out along the way and you’ll get there in the end."
Tell me more about your collection, "Girl Behind the Blue Door." What was your inspiration and when will it be available? "I was so inspired by story books, Sofia Coppola films, and that All-American girl next door – that’s when I [knew] I had to come to the U.S. The collection tells a story about a beautiful and mysterious girl who lives alone in a house with a blue door. All day long she listens to The Beatles, braids her hair, and slowly dances to the sound of solitude. The range will be online at Casper & Pearl in just over a month, yippee!"
How do you source materials?
"I source fabrics from overseas mostly, but also some from Australia. This is the first range that we created our own exclusive print, which is super exciting because you’ll never see it anywhere else."
Web3Photo: Courtesy of Casper & Pearl.
Are there any boutiques that stock your label here in the U.S.?
"We’re stocked in the super-cute store Babel Fair on Elizabeth Street in Little Italy. We’re looking for some more exclusive stockists to add to our family."
In five words, describe the "C&P girl" and what she embodies.
"Creative, romantic, dreamy, quirky, and clumsy."
What inspires your day-to-day personal style?
"I take inspiration from story books, Japanese street style, and whatever my mood is that day. I like to mix vintage with my own pieces to take me back to [past] eras. I think there’s something so magical about wearing an unknown woman’s dress from thirty years ago — it makes me daydream about who she was and what she did."
Who are your personal fashion icons?
"At the moment I’m loving Elle Fanning, Alicia Vikander, and Alexa Chung. Ashley Madekwe’s style also inspires me and I was delighted to see her wear a piece from our ‘Secret Garden’ A/W '13 collection earlier this year."
How do you like to spend time off?
"I caught the travel bug and am just coming home from my two-month stint in NYC! I'm planning my next holiday to Japan, which is taking up a lot of my spare time. I also enjoy reading biographies and having picnics with lots of baked sweets."
Do you have any plans to start showing at Fashion Week any time in the near future?
"Oh, that’s pretty much my dream. I hope to show in the New Gen section of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia very soon, as well as coming back to the U.S. to take part in the fashion week scene there!"
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