5 Shorts Suits To The Rescue For The Heat-Challenged

Summer dressing can be challenging — especially when you live in NYC. Walking through the streets can feel like plunging into hot, wet garbage (a wee bit dramatic, but you get the point, right?). In this kind of weather, the crop-top-and-cut-off ensemble seems like the only uniform to stay — and look — cool. But, let me introduce another pairing: the shorts suit.
It's a no-brainier way of getting dressed — a premeditated two piece outfit that now come in myriad prints, colors, and cuts and are way more temperature-appropriate. When it's too hot to wear a blazer, you can sling it around your waist, but the moment you get on that air-conditioned subway, you'll have a topper at the ready.
Besides the functional aspect, I think they are just so chic. All you need to add is a T-shirt or a blouse, and footwear to complete your look. The one-two combo can be styled in multiple ways, depending on the occasion. For school, I'd opt for sneakers and a tank top with my suit. For night, perhaps some black leather boots and a button-down blouse. Click through for my favorite picks, ahead!

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