Jaime King Thinks We Should All Learn This Essential Life Lesson

Photo: Courtesy of Jaime King/Abby Drucker/Mini Mode.

The first time I met Jaime, we instantly hit it off. Inspiring and poetic, she is both daring in attitude and compassionate, stunning yet very real, and sparking something almost magical about her. Plus, her style is on-point, rocking a street-meets-chic vibe wherein she coordinates designer pieces mixed with vintage finds. Hailing from Nebraska, she is now set on a world stage, yet she remains deeply connected to her roots, and is wise behind her years. Bottom line, I jive with her jam.

On a recent trip to L.A., we stopped by her house one sunny afternoon, to share salads and green juices. Jaime greeted us at the door, still pregnant with Leo Thames, and looking gorgeous as ever. Her home is the kind of place that you never want to leave: bright and airy with good vibes abounding. We spent hours sprawled out on the floor of a room akin to a glass jewel box (also, the most peaceful room I’ve ever been in), gabbing about everything from the realities of motherhood, to her latest collaborations, and why pregnancy is the new sexy. Join us for a candid chat with the lovely Jaime King.

Photo: Courtesy of Jaime King/Abby Drucker/Mini Mode.
How did your collection with Sapling Child get started?
I discovered Sapling Child on Instagram and was so inspired by the brand — beautifully designed and home-grown, plus all products are vegetable dyed and non-toxic! I reached out to the founder, and after talking, we decided to develop a collection together as I love to support up and coming companies.

When I told my business advisors that I was going to do a collab with this small brand that I met on Instagram, they were like, 'Who? What?' and insisted that it was a risky proposition. But I disagreed as I see social media as an incredible online community, and a powerful tool for creativity.

As a result, we worked hard for a year and a half to develop this collection, and I’m beyond thrilled with the line.

How do your projects "give back" and "pay it forward?"
Through my partnerships, I donate my services in order to help a small business grow. I’m especially passionate about products that are not harmful to kids, which is why I chose to collaborate with a brand that cares about the environment and planet. Sapling Child also supports an orphanage in India for newborns to age 16, and I’m proud to be part of that as well.

What has been your biggest “pinch me” moment in your career as a model, actress and now, designer?
Every day since I have had my sons. After being told that I couldn’t have a child, and then to get pregnant twice, naturally, was more enlighting then I could ever explain. I now have two beautiful boys and my love for them is infinite. Everything I have ever dreamed of is aligning all at once in a beautiful and natural way. I look at my sons, and I’m amazed! It makes me want to celebrate who I am as an individual. I feel that I’m getting to do everything I ever wanted: to be a mother, designer, and actress.
Photo: Courtesy of Jaime King/Abby Drucker/Mini Mode.
What is your interior and home vibe?
I bought my home about 10 years ago and it originally belonged to the daughter of Walt Disney. It’s a mid-century modern house filled with custom-made items, colorful pieces, and long "dusty pink" velvet couches; we’ve put a lot of thought and care into each piece and we’re so specific. Everything we have is bought or made with love, and there is something very special about that — it translates to guests. Growing up, we did everything ourselves: wallpaper, furniture; my mom made everything, so our home is just an extension of my upbringing. I also meditate a lot at home and I think you feel that when you come over… people say they never want to leave.

What do you do to take care of yourself?
Ballet Beautiful by Mary Helen Bowers when I was pregnant with James Knight, she has these pregnancy videos that are perfect for at home exercise. I also hike and swim, which is good on the joints. Shiva Rose’s yoga videos are also a pregnancy game-changer, plus stretching is really important.

What were your essential style pieces during your latest pregnancy?
Ryan Roche and this insanely cute Burberry short jacket that adds a cool factor to any outfit. I also tend to stack Jennifer Fisher jewelry so the eye goes there. [It] completely changes a look.

Photo: Courtesy of Jaime King/Abby Drucker/Mini Mode.

What are your go-to pregnancy style tips?
The thing is, you have to feel comfortable and still honor yourself, as a woman. Finding a look that easily transfers from day to night, and possibly invest in some wearable pieces that make you feel beautiful and special, (even when you feel like you want to throw up all the time and aren’t sleeping). Before I had James Knight, I wanted to have my hair and nails done because I wanted to feel beautiful. It’s so unlike me to worry about hair and makeup, but something triggered, and I just needed that for myself. Being pregnant and feeling good is all about what you need and what works for you in that moment.

What is your philosophy on motherhood, and what kind of role model do you want to be to your kids?
Doing the best you can with all the info you have that moment, but mainly just love them. Use your natural instincts and balance freedom with discipline, making sure they always feel happy and safe. Personally, I will sacrifice whatever I need to do to make sure my sons always feel this. Additionally, do not bully other mothers or judge for the way they parent, as you never know someone’s situation. This is so detrimental to our society. It creates a sense of loneliness and we need to support one another in this journey of motherhood.

Who are you inspired by?
My family and sister. She came out at a young age and we lived in a conservative small town in the Midwest. My family was so brave and courageous to support her. We were always raised with strict rules, but they encouraged us to express ourselves, follow our hearts and dreams, even at the detriment of their own well-being. I want to extend that kind of freedom and encouragement to my children, to make choices for themselves, and stand up for their beliefs.

What's the most important lesson you have learned?
Forgiveness. You can’t live as a victim — forgive yourself and forgive other people for what they have or have not done to you or for you. As challenging as it may be, you can learn empathy and compassion. People that don’t live a life of forgiveness, never live the life of their dreams because someone can never make you feel a certain way, you allow them to make you feel that way. Simply don’t allow it into your life. We are all responsible for ourselves, and once I started to live with that perspective, I had total control and balance in my life.
Photo: Courtesy of Jaime King/Abby Drucker/Mini Mode.

What is your ideal Sunday?
In Northern California at the Skywalker Ranch, we go there a lot as a family. And since we’re talking my "ideal Sunday," and I get to do whatever I want, it would go like this: a drive to Point Reyes Station to visit the Point Reyes Light House, followed by a stop in Tiburon to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant on the water. Would love to be there now!
What was your style as a kid/teen?
My mom says…”shabby chic.” I spent a lot of time at the Goodwill. I had no money and wore slip dresses. Looking back, I really just spent my youth in nightgowns that "grandmas would wear." I developed such a distinct style, and as I became a model, I also was becoming a little bit of a fashion icon.

What makes you feel sexy?
Confidence and being pregnant. It is SO beautiful. I LOVE having big boobs and I only get them when I’m pregnant. And now post-baby means they are shrinking…it is sad to see them go, it’s like saying goodbye to two friends that I have loved having around. Plus the fullness, it’s the one time you don’t have to suck in, and you can still wear tight clothes and look incredible!
Photo: Courtesy of Jaime King/Abby Drucker/Mini Mode.

In general though, being strong, speaking from your truth, and living in authenticity is the ultimate in sexy. I once had a dream come true, to sit next to Meryl Streep at a dinner. She was so quiet and confident; I believe that is what makes her so beautiful. Nothing forced about her. I was dying first of all, and trying not to fall off my chair, but I kept watching her and she was so confident. That trait makes a woman sexy.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
Be kind, gentle, and love yourself no matter what, as it is so easy to be hard on yourself. And the truth is, we never fit into this world, so be you and live in authenticity.

Who is your style icon?
Classic and eclectic, I love Grace Kelly, Jane Birkin, and Cher from the '60s and '70s. My style soul sister is Diane Kruger.
What is happiness to you?
That everything is going to be all right, even when you are not happy…and just knowing that. Plus, being with my children and family.

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