The Best Matte Lipsticks, Ever

When makeup artist Tom Pecheux spouts off beauty wisdom, you know you better listen. This time, the makeup maven — and artist for Dolce & Gabbana’s new advertising campaign — has high praise for the return of one of our favorite beauty trends: matte lipstick. “Matte lipstick is much longer-lasting than other lipsticks,” Pecheux says. “And, it still has that fantastic and sexy application. Straight from the stick to the lips — it’s an iconic item that you can’t deny.”

We couldn’t agree more. So, naturally, we went on a hunt for all the best matte lipsticks out there, from classic brands like D&G to newer cult faves, such as the stunners by Troi Ollivierre for J.Crew. Feast your eyes (and your lips) on these — as well as a slew of other mattes we’re simply mad about — ahead.

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