This Colorful Manhattan Wedding Is Just Beyond

UPDATE: This post was originally published on April 12.
Tina Chadha and Peter Haslanger had quite the “meet cute.” It was 2009 and she was on the hunt for a birthday party venue with a pal, hopping in a cab and accidentally giving the driver the completely wrong address. Ending up at the alternate destination, she decided to go in to the bar she’d arrived at anyway.
After having fun, she knew it was the spot for the next week’s festivities, but went back once more to just to make sure. That’s when she met Peter, who was in town for a buddy’s party. They met and she casually mentioned that he should come back the following Friday for her soiree, and the rest is history. On June 14, 2013, they kicked things off with a sangeet and dance party, and in their back-to-back celebratory manner, followed up with a Hindu wedding.

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