We Get It, Mark Wahlberg, You Are Still Insanely Hot

Normally we don't ogle slack-jawed at photos of celebrities on their off time (one can only take so much of Ryan Gosling and the love of his life, George), but...but, Mark Walhberg. Just look at him. Sure, it is some sort of reverse objectification, but with those thighs and that stomach — which we could quite literally do our laundry upon — it's safe to assume that our fair city has done Marky Mark wonders.
We spotted him earlier shooting his movie Pain And Gain in Miami, and now there he is, teasing our computer screens by being, very scientifically, the hottest man alive. Whether he is just flaunting his "Good Vibrations" to the entire world, he's showing the world he still has the bod of Marky Mark, or this is the best pre-movie viral campaign ever, we have all been blessed. Thank you, Mark Wahlberg, for having apparently no humility whatsoever. We appreciate it. (The Superficial)
Image: Via The Superficial

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