Find The Hair Part That's Best For Your Face

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By Ashley Rubell

As we mature, we come to know ourselves better. We become more comfortable knowing what’s best for us as individuals. From the nutrition that works for our lifestyle, to the colors that look great with our skin tone and the hair length that suits us, we learn how to separate fads from our unique personal preferences.

Even the smallest details can make a big difference when it comes to feeling your best, so it’s important to get to know the looks that help you achieve just that. The same way that high-waisted pants might compliment your figure better than low-waisted jeans, a side part might be more suited to your face shape than one down the middle.

Toying with different hair parts is a fun experiment, and we’re here to help you figure out which one brings out your best!

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Photo: Courtesy of Nick Harvey/REX.
A center part will elongate the face, giving rounder face shapes a more slim appearance. Center parts best accompany a long, layered cut, a cut with layers that frame the face, or a clean blunt-bang.
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A diagonal part is great for volumizing finer hair, and softening a square face shape or strong jawline.
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A side part will aide in creating fullness, accommodating a widow’s peak, or softening stronger facial features — think long forehead, strong cheekbones, and pointed chins.
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With naturally textured hair, there’s no part necessary. For those without textured hair, pulling the hair back without a part works well with an oval or oblong face shape.

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