Moving? Download These Apps To Stay Sane

If you live in New York City, then you already know that moving is the worst thing in the entire world. I’m convinced that it’s more difficult than anything else, including applying for college, getting a job, solving global warming — you get the idea. But, no matter where you live, moving can be pretty stressful. There’s the roommate situation (the original plan never seems to work out), trying to find movers that won’t complain about a six-floor walkup (where I am now), and figuring out how to repack up all the stuff you accumulated since you last moved.
Because everyone hates this process so much, a number of companies have developed apps that can make the process a little easier. From organization to relaxation, you can now breathe with ease as your impending move-in date gets closer.
Whether you’re moving 10 blocks or 2,000 miles, use these apps to help you stay sane, so you can enjoy the new place and the new adventure.

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