Test Your Financial Fitness With These 4 Vital Signs

Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
By Cathie Ericson

These days, tracking your health stats has become as routine as jumping in the shower in the morning or brewing a cup of coffee before heading to work. You step on the digital scale, count calories via some flashy new app, and use pedometers to track the number of steps logged per day — all in an effort to make sure your health is on the up and up.

But what about your financial well-being? The reality is that many people are as eager to keep daily tabs on their money as they are to be poked and prodded by a doctor.

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Nonetheless, just as you should routinely check your physical vital signs, you should also measure your fiscal health — by nailing down the four key money vital signs that make up your total financial picture.

We show you how to run those numbers, and even offer up a points scale for each money vital sign, to help you assess whether you’re in the healthy zone — or if you might need to get on a financial fitness regimen, stat!

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