Entertaining? This DIY Ice Cream Bar Is Sure To Be A Hit!

1Photo: Courtesy of Leaf.tv.
Have a minute? That’s all it took us to get hooked on Leaf.tv, an addictive new YouTube series from content queens Erin Falconer and Geri Hirsch. Leaf.tv serves up everything from must-know kitchen lifehacks to easy-to-digest DIYs. This week, the ladies teach us how to set up an ice cream bar perfect for entertaining at home.
Let's talk about the ultimate dessert table for any party: a do-it-yourself ice cream bar. Choose your favorite ice cream flavors, toppings, and cute bowls — set it up, sit back, relax and enjoy! Dessert bars are a fun way to let your guests get creative, engage with each other and have fun. We created this video with our friend, chef, and ultimate party-planner, Annie Campbell. Click through to watch and learn!
2Photo: Courtesy of Leaf.tv.
1. Arrange an eclectic mix of plates and bowls.
2. Fill with favorite toppings: cookies, sprinkles, berries, nuts, chocolate, toasted coconut.
3. Just before serving, scoop ice cream into large bowls.

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