The Importance Of Truly Owning Your Space

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Karen Kingston isn't just the end-all, be-all authority on clutter clearing. This renowned feng shui and space clearing expert is also a popular blogger and the author of two million-copy best-selling books, included the ground-breaking classic, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. Now, the R29 fave is here to share her feng shui, clutter clearing, and space clearing knowledge with you all.
There is a world of difference between living in a place you call home and truly energetically owning the space of it. I first discovered the importance of this many years ago when I was space clearing the house of a couple who had built their dream home in a beautiful location in the U.S., but try as they might, they and their young children did not feel at home there. They called me in to help, and there were a few feng shui issues that needed to be addressed, but it was during the space clearing ceremony I did for them that the real cause of the problem emerged.
One of the unique aspects of the ceremony I have developed is that it includes a specific technique that reveals the degree of energetic compatibility between the land energies a property is built on and the people who live in it. I learnt this during the years I lived in Bali, and it has turned out to be such an advanced technique that I have successfully taught it to only a handful of the practitioners who have trained with me. The main reason for this is that in order to operate this level of perception, many years of personal development work are required to build certain subtle body structures in the column of energy that extends below the body and above the head, and even then, not everyone can do it.
I have heard from reliable sources that there are Qigong teachers in parts of Asia today who have the ability to read land energies and diagnose compatibility, using different techniques to the ones I’ve developed but with essentially the same results. And, I’m very sure the great feng shui masters of Ancient China had this skill, since they would have been able to feel the chi flows and land energies that the feng shui knowledge we know today is based on. However, there are very few modern-day feng shui practitioners with the ability to discern energies in this way. Or, if they do claim to do so, then it is based on hit-and-miss intuition rather than the deep levels of discernment that are essential for accurate interpretation.
As it turned out, the family I described earlier had built their home in a location where there was a good level of compatibility between them and the land energies of the place, but what became apparent was that they lacked the ability to fully land themselves there energetically. Using another technique I’ve developed, I was able to facilitate this during the space clearing ceremony, and I will never forget the moment at the end when the children arrived home and ran around the house, exploring the changes. Children feel the effects of space clearing far more than most adults, and these kids were especially receptive. They really didn’t know who I was or what I had done, but they excitedly reported to their parents, "It feels like home now! It feels like home now!" They could sense the transformation. The family lived there happily for many years after that and are still in touch with me to this day.
Many people spend their lives working in a job they don’t like, and that is sad enough. But, few people even consider the effect of living in a place where they feel no real affinity with the land energies. As I wrote in a previous blog related to this topic, it can hold you back more than you can possibly imagine until you move to a place that is a better for you and truly feel the difference. Everything in life works better if you can get this right.
In the days when we lived and died in the place we were born, we felt a deep resonance with the land energies of that location. But, our increasingly mobile modern lifestyle, where some people move many times in the course of their life, has opened some wonderful opportunities to us that our ancestors never had and has also created a feeling of rootlessness and restlessness that no amount of feng shui can remedy.
Finding your place on earth is one thing, but as my story illustrates, it doesn’t end there. Learning how to energetically land is very important too, and there are many benefits that mastering this art can bring.
There is no “one-size-fits-all” miracle cure for these situations but there are some things that can be done, and it’s a topic I’m very much focused on at the moment in the new book I’m writing. More from me about this soon.

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