Clutter-Clearing Childhoood Memorabilia

011_R29Apartments-55-_RachelleManningPhotographed by Rachelle Manning.
People sometimes ask me, "What can I do with all the crayoned masterpieces made by my children when they were young? I want to let the pictures go, but they have sentimental value."
Many parents have boxes full of their children’s creations, which they never look at but somehow feel obliged to keep long after the child has grown up. Maybe these works of art were once proudly displayed on walls as examples of their children’s creative abilities, but decades later they are just stacked somewhere collecting dust and stagnant energy around them. Their time and usefulness has passed.
The best solution I know for this problem is to take photos of the best pieces and then throw all the originals away. They are never going to come in useful some day. And, if you ever feel a compelling urge to look through them again, digital images will do the job just as well and take up no physical storage space in your attic at all.
The same can be done with children’s clothing and other childhood items being kept by parents (or children who have grown up and now become adults) for sentimental reasons. Just take a photo of each item and then let the original go.
Having said all this, I personally don’t own a single piece of artwork, clothing or anything else from my childhood, and I don’t feel my life lacks anything because of it. In fact, I’m sure that being unencumbered in this way has brought me greater freedom to change and grow. And, moving house is certainly a whole lot easier, not having to drag mounds of memorabilia from one place to the next!

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