Lasagna Grilled Cheese. We Repeat: Lasagna Grilled Cheese

We may have Joy the Baker's infamous "Man Bait" Apple Crisp recipe committed to memory, but it's not the only reason we're loyal to this self-taught dessert maven. Joy's hilariously soulful commentary, undying devotion to butter, and her steadfast belief that cake is a perfectly acceptable breakfast choice is what really keeps us coming back for more.
What won’t I put between two slices of grilled bread? Well, I won’t put cake between grilled bread. I promise to never put cookie dough between grilled bread (though…wait, is that sounding good to anyone else?). I won’t ever smash pie and grilled bread together. Ice cream? Nope.
I will, however, try to smash every comforting savory food I can think of into a sandwich. Yesterday: spinach and artichoke dip. Today: lasagna. Tomorrow: I think I just heard someone whisper "taco" in my ear. Whoa.

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