Want A Frozen Banana? Now You Do!

We may have Joy the Baker's infamous "Man Bait" Apple Crisp recipe committed to memory, but it's not the only reason we're loyal to this self-taught dessert maven. Joy's hilariously soulful commentary, undying devotion to butter, and her steadfast belief that cake is a perfectly acceptable breakfast choice is what really keeps us coming back for more.
I feel like every blog should have a safe-word. We need a word that says, "Um, why are you posting way less on your blog these days, are you pregnant?" No. We need a word that says, "I know you’re phoning it in with that compilation of past post's post." It’s cool.
We need a word that says, "Cool, you’re engaged! I’m going to unfollow you on Pinterest immediately." It’s nothing personal. It’s a wedding thing. We need a word that says, "Did you really just post a recipe for ice!?" I’m sorry.
I was going to have our safe-word here be "lasagna grilled cheese," but we can’t use that anymore because that’s a thing now. Our safe-word definitely can’t be "chocolate dipped bananas’ because that’s obviously a thing. Maybe our safe-word should be "gorilla pants," until I get a pair. I’ll let you know when that happens. Until then, "gorilla pants" is our safe-word.
I’m really glad we had this talk.

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