Time To Quit A Job You Love? Read This First

Sure, it may seem easy to stroll out of a job you hate. Pack your things, sign the HR forms, and close the door behind you. But, leaving one you love is a whole other story. Essentially, it's like a breakup: There are mixed emotions, plenty of people you care about, and history that's truly important to you. So, if or when the time comes, keep in mind: It's possible to quit with your head held high.
As Teen Vogue has outlined, there are several important factors to walking away like a professional. For instance, be respectful, and make an appointment to chat with your boss. Don't just casually drop a "So, I'm going on a very long vacation in two weeks" while you're standing around the watercooler. As for maintaining the meaningful relationships you've made, tell your work buds in a considerate manner (that is, send an email to your team — and not the day before your last), and maybe plan a little get-together outside the office to let them know how rad they've been. Ultimately, keep in mind that last impressions are everything — that applies to the job you hate as well — and quitting is rarely a clean, easy split. But, if you'd like to do it with the least amount of freak-outs, messy paperwork, and drama, read on for all the workplace advice that, um, you probably wouldn't ask your boss for. (Teen Vogue)

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