You Can Draw On The Kitchen & Bathroom Walls In This Dreamy NYC Apartment

Photo: Courtesy of Daniel Kiyoi/Homepolish.
Making your home in an urban area means that finding a charming, cozy apartment on a tree-lined street is a highly coveted achievement (impossible, some might say). Homepolish designer Danielle and her two roommates scored big on this one. After a year's worth of work, Danielle had turned the 700-square-foot space into one of the dreamiest two-bedroom apartments we’ve ever set our design-hungry eyes on.

A balanced mix of mid-century and modern, artfully placed objects like stacked books, plants, photography, and chalkboard drawings add life and character to Danielle's cozy apartment. Clean lines mixed with vintage touches give the space a cool vibe, perfect for entertaining or just chilling out. We'd fancy being a guest any day of the week.

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