This Home Makeover Was Done In Just 5 Hours

We love showcasing the five-hour project! It exemplifies the Homepolish philosophy that sometimes you need an interior designer to help you edit your own preferences. Take this San Franciscan project for example. With a five-hour package, Homepolish designer Jason Wong was able to round out the color scheme (soft blue with hints of yellow) and complement the couple’s existing contemporary pieces with perfect vintage finds. He also helped choose finishes and colors to spruce up the furniture they’ve owned for years, ultimately creating a cohesive, homey picture. Wong’s tip for a space like this one is to balance "masculine and feminine shapes, styles and colors. Those extremes, when kept in a few key pieces as well as art/accessories, can breathe sophistication into a space." The couple already had some amazing items and a clear idea of what they wanted their home to feel like. And, it only took five hours with a designer to take the apartment from considered to complete!

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