An Office Revamp So Amazing You'll Want To Redo Yours ASAP

Photo: Courtesy of Aubrie Pick/Homepolish.
Sometimes you just need to start over. Before the turnaround, K's office was all sage green and burgundy with craftsman furniture and a big chunky executive desk. When she called us, she was ready with some furnishing ideas, but the Homepolish designer we matched her with, Heidi Caillier, suggested she wipe the slate clean. The Presidio space had great bones for Heidi to work with — hello, floor to ceiling windows, open lawn, and cement columns — and the two had a great time figuring out what went perfectly with their shared vision.
Wanting a mix of ethnic glam, mid-century accents, and bright color, K's ultimate dream was a fun but professional space that she would be excited to return to every morning. Heidi was thrilled with her client's patient attitude and together they spent time making sure that every detail was perfect. Neutral tones keep pops of fuchsia from being overbearing, and amazing light fixtures help highlight eye-catching decorative elements dotted around the room.
Heidi's tips for a balanced and beautiful space? "Stick with upholstery in neutral tones. They're pieces that can stay the course in a space, even if tastes change over the years." Letting the pink filing cabinet, purple chair, and violet rug take the stage allow quiet pieces to do their work in the background. Wait, how weird is it that we want to live in K's office?

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