Inside An L.A. Office That Masters Bright Color

We were a lot more than very excited when HelloGiggles approached us about designing their brand new downtown L.A. office. We've followed the progress of the you-go-girl site since its conception, and we love everything about their positive-attitude articles that also manage to be funny. They recently moved into a bigger, sunnier, and even more awesome office, but since it was in a pretty raw state, we handed the reigns to our L.A. Creative Director Orlando Soria and said, "Hey, please make this space the fun, special, amazing, and professional space it should be." And he did.
Colorful accents in furnishings and wall art perfectly balance the poured concrete floors and white walls. The paint color was chosen carefully by Orlando, who wanted the HelloGiggles team to feel like they could "have a space that felt exciting and youthful, but not feel like they're married to it, so they can change their minds and switch to a completely different color scheme in a few years." We love the beautiful (and comfortable!) desk chairs from AllModern and are forever obsessed with the shell inlay coffee table.
Click through to see the finished space!

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