6 Of The Oldest Photographs Found In India—& How They Recast History

If you're a millennial reading this article, you probably haven't thought about a time when India wasn't captured or expressed through photography, like it is today. The camera reached India in 1855 — and that's when things really changed.

Nowadays, there are some Instagram-follow worthy photographers from India working on some really powerful projects.
It may not seem like a big deal, but the major portion of the Western "developed" world had already been making images for half a century before India got ahold of the technology to do the same. Only very limited parts of India's population were able to access the equipment, even until the advent of mobile cameras.

As we stand on the possible brink of multiple new mediums in this changing 21st century, take a look at some of the pictures from this exhibition, The New Medium: Photography in India 1855-1930. Conceptualized and curated by Prahlad Bubbar, the exhibit contains 25 chronologically arranged photos that display the birth and rise of photography as a major art form in India.

The first ever photographs taken in India, that we know of, at the very least, are now visible for the world to witness.

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