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1Photo: Courtesy of Home On The Runway.
Home on the Runway — the brainchild of NYC-native Fanny Zignon — fuses fashion with interior design by focusing on the attainable. With a commitment to celebrate good taste regardless of geography, HOTR has talked shop with everyone from an artisanal candle maker to a pair of lighting-designer brothers, sparking the curiosity in us all. Talk about versatile.
The nostalgic memories of family gathering around and the warmth and smell of burning firewood this time of the year renders me a sucker for the seasonal scent. So, it seems apropos with the height of winter to introduce a new favorite, Sicilian Citrus by Atelier Lumira.
Inspired by a passion for great design and practical utility, Atelier Lumira is the brainchild of Sydney-based designer and entrepreneur, Almira Armstrong. After forging an early career in fashion public relations (and following the birth of her first child in 2012), Almira emerged with a renewed creative energy and the strong urge to design and produce tangible, luxurious products of the highest quality that she would want to use herself.
In dedication to the artisan studios and workshops of Europe to which she owes her own lineage, Atelier Lumira was born. Lumira’s debut range of hand-poured luxury soy candles celebrates her enduring passions for scent, design, and travel and is a pure expression of that original vision to create exquisite products that are both luxurious and affordable. “For me, luxury is not about price or exclusivity," Almira Armstrong says. "At the core of true luxury lies a passion for creating well-designed products of exceptional quality, as well as a commitment to never compromise these values.”
Infused with delicious fragrances associated with places both near and far, the debut collection celebrates the spirit of travel and the sensory stimulation that comes with it. For the home, an elegant, voluminous ebony glass filled with beautiful creamy soy wax, infused with perfume and guaranteed to illuminate any space with a soft glow and alluring bouquet. Alternatively, pack a little piece of home no matter where your travels take you with our luxurious gold Travel Tin. A must-have in your luggage, designed to add a sense of comfort and luxury to any space you may encounter on your travels.
4Photo: Courtesy of Home On The Runway.
Home On The Runway: How do fashion trends inspire your collections?
Almira Armstrong: "The Lumira collection is inspired by fashion, firstly through the bold design and contemporary finishes of the product and packaging and, secondly, through the choice of fragrances and the way they are structured to ensure they appeal to a modern, sophisticated audience. One example is our Sicilian Citrus fragrance which contains Neroli, a scent that is very much in vogue currently."
Who is your fashion icon?
"There are many, but if I had to choose only one right now I would have to pick Alexa Chung. In my eyes, her style strikes that great balance between being fashionable, but not at the expense of her individuality. Her looks are obviously bold and confident but always feminine, and her classic detailing is a real inspiration."
In which fashion designer’s home can you see your collection?
"Lumira’s collection would be right at home in Derek Lam’s SoHo loft. The interior itself mashes sleek elegance with modern sophistication and the interplay of old and new throughout his home is also embedded in our candles."
2Photo: Courtesy of Home On The Runway.
How would you describe your fashion style?
"My fashion style is probably best described as classic, with simple, clean lines that are updated with a couple of accessories, not too many. If I wear prints, I’ll pair them down with solid basics, denim and — of course — always great shoes!"
Do you incorporate fashion in your home?
"Yes, but home has to be comfortable first and foremost. I incorporate fashion through accessories: wood, art, glass, and lots fresh seasonal flowers. Currently I love the copper trend, mixing it back with black and white."
What “decorating style” do you see your collection incorporated into?
"Our elegant voluminous dark glass candles suit both a modern and classic decorating style. They are a decorative piece themselves where any space can be transformed into an idyllic sanctuary."
5Photo: Courtesy of Home On The Runway.
Who decorated your home?
"My family and I recently relocated from New York where we moved into a modernized Victorian terrace house in Sydney. It has taken a little while, but we have decorated our home ourselves mixing modern with a twist. A neutral color palette is personalized by contemporary art, Persian rugs, and furniture that feels casual and relaxed."
Do you have any decorating secrets or styling tips?
"I think a home should be a haven. Start with a neutral color palette that enables you to change the look and feel of your space more easily. Use textures to create layers of comfort and accessorize with key pieces so that your room comes alive!"
3Photo: Courtesy of Home On The Runway.
How would you describe your collection?
"The three core elements that go into every Lumira product are scent, design and travel. We make products that combine beautiful fragrance that we either associate with being at home or that evokes a sensory memory from a part of the world that we have visited. Our mission is to provide a means to enhance our day-to-day lives with a sense of comfort, luxury and olfactory escapism, no matter the location or occasion."

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