7 Shows From Your Childhood Worth Rewatching

I look back at my childhood fondly. Sure, there were bullies, awkward stages, and multiplication tables, but there was also television, which helped me become the junkie of useless trivia that I am today. Children of the ’80s had some of the best programs to look forward to. Animation was sharp, Muppets weren’t promoting cars, and storylines were subliminally educational.
Thankfully, we’ve found numerous ways to help preserve our favorite shows — especially since our blank VHS tapes that we used to record them are probably all in terrible condition right now, and in need of serious rewinding. Thanks to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and the Internet in general, we have the capability of introducing our own children to the shows we grew up with. Or, in my case, forcing the shows onto your coworker’s children, since you needed to justify the fact that you bought Doug on DVD, despite being 30 and childless.
Here are eight shows that deserve a rewatch — even if you’re the only audience member. Get ready to get nostalgic, and experience all the feels.

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