The 5 Best TV Shows To Work Out To

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Whether it’s because you hate the outdoors or get skeeved out by your neighborhood gym, working out at home is a solid option. You don’t have to go far and can get as weird as you want in the privacy of your own space. But, it takes some structure and motivation, and what better way to knock both out than with a solid hour of television.
Some TV shows are good for falling asleep to. Others, watching with friends. But, this list covers the best TV shows to watch while you work out.
Qualifications include:
Length: Episodes must be an hour long (Okay, fine. 42 minutes. Damn commercials!)
Air date: The show must have already reached its series finale. This way you can go at your own pace without having to keep up with a series your friends are talking about or get too far ahead and have to wait.
Accessible: The show must be easily accessible via DVD, Netflix, or Hulu. There can be no struggle to find the next episode.
Dialogue heavy: It has to be a show that you can keep up with even if you are on the floor doing crunches.
Ready to build a life long correlation between a TV show and lunges? Here are some of the best options.
ZohghvH7OciCyjzZSp3NenfqgIkhfEQxXSVNjySuHgAPhoto: Courtesy of NBC.
Law & Order
This show is everywhere at all times. Not only is it highly accessible, but you can skip around since each episode has its own plot line. Seriously, they should change the name to Law & Un-order. A Law & Order commercial or bus advertisement can make you instantly want to work out. It’s like Pavlov’s dog but for buns of steel.
5i1Pt2QvNsZrh5D-s7zo_k655QjidbqOXCsdW84zztUPhoto: Courtesy of NBC.
Freaks and Geeks
Judd Apatow’s one-season wonder might not give you enough episodes to make it through a month of exercise, but that’s not why it made the list. The chilled-out story lines and ridiculous cast will keep you wanting to come back to watch the next episode, a.k.a. wanting to workout for an hour.
Lw3RAEuNi9dIe2S-9v9HJENPHDEmwQKGan4QAAlW2sUPhoto: Courtesy of Warner Brothers.
Gilmore Girls
Hour-long comedies are hard to come by. Good thing your co-worker owns this entire series on DVD so you can coast through seven seasons of dialogue-rich, Stars Hollow goodness. Pro tip: Every time Rory gets a new boyfriend, switch up your workout routine.
beZIR4wrTLMDy17nj9ERQJaG_2552_Oqbh6WUS0uRcYPhoto: Courtesy of ABC.
Pushing Daisies
Cut super-short at only two seasons, this heart-warming tale of pie shop owners who can bring people back from the dead takes you away to a different place. Also in that place? A new, muscular you by the end of all the episodes. Easily accessible online, this show could be just the shake up you need to stay focused and get back on the right track.
AFN44sw0OwptLGvZc5KITIXZAn-7rOmC3O-XfS3CssIPhoto: Courtesy of HBO.
The Sopranos
Like a billion episodes and a need to watch every single one until you are done help The Sopranos top our list. But more than just plentiful and entertaining, each episode builds upon the one before, meaning you will get the urge to keep watching (and keep sweating). Plus, this show has an amazing reputation but is long-gone so none of your friend’s Facebook status’ can ruin the ending.
Point blank, you like watching television. Now channel that into something good, grab the dumbbells from under your bed, and get in a pattern. Finally a way to make watching TV good for you.. Have a show that you like to work out to? Leave it in the comments!

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