17 Flattering Haircuts To Try This Winter — Before Everyone Else Is Wearing Them

Photo: Courtesy of Rob Peetoom Salon.
Imagine it's a windy December morning, and you're standing on the sidewalk waiting for the light to turn. The bone-chilling breeze whips across your face, leaving your chapped lips quivering and your hair a tangled mess. Sounds like you should've stayed in bed. But now, consider the same day, but you've just had a haircut. All of a sudden, the cold air is fresh and crisp, and Mother Nature is your personal wind turbine, flipping your ends to perfection.
All you need to turn your winter hair into something along the lines of the latter scene — a style you can't wait to wear out the door and refuse to cover with a beanie — is to schedule a salon appointment. Not sure what cut you're looking for? Try one of the five chicest, most versatile styles that are poised to be huge in 2019.
Ahead, we're breaking down the hair trends that are picking up major cool-girl traction right now, only to hit fever pitch come the new year. More than just photo inspiration, we have pro style tips and product recommendations for how to rock the cut all winter long. Take this handy guide to your next appointment and prepare for warmer walks to work.

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