This Vanity Fair-Inspired Wedding Had The Bride Wearing Black

We wouldn’t call just any wedding "Vanity Fair-inspired," but Kimberly and Joshua’s edgy, not-so-traditional San Luis Obispo ranch nuptials could have come straight out of the magazine. Kimberly wore a stunning black wedding dress by Vera Wang and walked down the aisle to Billy Idol’s White Wedding. Talk about turning traditions upside down!

The day was filled with all the right elements: southern-inspired florals (think magnolias, oleanders, honeysuckle, and wisteria), Cajun eats, boozy cocktails (blackberry juleps, corpse revivers, old fashioneds, and Moscow mules) and, of course, lots of fun. Kimberly elaborates: "Josh and I were both dead-set on making this a very non-traditional wedding and an evening no one would ever forget. We wanted to make it an event, complete with style, drama, and reckless abandon. We threw all the usual wedding traditions out the window and just focused on throwing the party of a lifetime."

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