This Couple Used Furniture From Their Home In The Wedding

While we've all seen our fair share of Texas ranch weddings, this particular stunner, set in the dreamy west Texas desert landscape, is something different. Friends and family all pitched in to help Valerie and Taylor bring their vision of an intimate celebration in the desert to life.

Since Valerie is a florist and has designed many-a-wedding, she knows all too well how fast the day can speed by. She elaborates, "For us, it was important to not only gather our closest family and friends long enough to get some quality face time in, but to do it in a place where everyone could unplug for a bit in a beautiful setting."

The couple decided on Terlingua Ranch Lodge in the tiny ghost town north of Big Bend National Park — a place, Valerie says, where she and Taylor "fell in love." It was one of many of the couple's first road trips together — five years ago!

Click through to see how their gorgeous day unfolded.

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