You'll Never Guess Where This Couple Eloped

When we say we love it when couples decide to do something different — something that’s meaningful to them, instead of following any traditional "wedding rules" — we mean it with every fiber of our beings. And if our conviction could be manifested into a wedding that represents it perfectly, those nuptials would look a lot like Meredith and Tyler’s gondola elopement in Long Beach, CA.

The pair eloped on April Fools' Day, and kept their evening intimate, celebrating with only their 5-year-old daughter, Rozalyn, and a handful of wedding creatives — who also happen to be friends. This event is an obvious feast for the eyes. Meredith elaborates on the gorgeous ceremony, below.

"My vision was to have a stress-free, simple ceremony with just the three of us that was intimate and in a meaningful location. We live in the canals in Naples, Long Beach, and the water is our happy place. So, naturally we were drawn to the idea of getting hitched in a gondola essentially in our backyard."

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