15 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Apple Season

Illustrated by Elliot Salazar.
By Laura Newcomer
Here’s some shocking news: Apples are good for us! The plump little fruits are chock-full of vitamin C and fiber and have been linked to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, certain cancers, and asthma — so we can understand why a person wouldn’t want to chuck ’em. But, it’s easy to go wild at a farmers market and end up with more raw apples than a belly can handle in one sitting (or even several). So we’ve rounded up 55 creative ways to maximize apples’ benefits and keep them from going to waste. Ahead, 15 of the best ways to eat 'em!
Edible Options
Sometimes all we need to make apples appetizing again (even after we’ve consumed half the bushel) is to change their form: Chop ’em, bake ’em, sprinkle sugar over ’em — suddenly the stomach is crying out for more. The following is a list of healthy recipes that’ll use up those apples in no time (and they sure beat store-bought apple pie).
1. Bake ’em. Eat them on their own, sprinkled with cinnamon, or on top of a bowl of cereal or oatmeal for a healthy breakfast, snack, or dessert. Better yet, bake them with breakfast inside.
2. Make apple butter. After simmering and pureeing those apples, you’ll be able spread them over whole-grain toasts and bagels for many breakfasts to come (a great alternative to butter or margarine).
3. Add them to soups. Mix some vitamin A with apples’ vitamin C in this Carrot-Apple-Ginger soup.
4. Turn them into a marinade. Make a marinade for meat dishes with a healthy dose of apples, garlic, and spices.
5. Grill them. These flavorful apple rings make for an awesome side of vitamin C and deliciousness.
6. Make a chutney. Chock full of apples, onions, garlic, and spices, this chutney is basically a delectable mashup of superfoods.
Illustrated by Elliot Salazar.
7. Add them to pancakes. This recipe had us at pancakes. The apples give the ’cakes a texture similar to potato latkes and add sweetness without all those refined sugars.
8. Make a salsa. For a preservative-free version of the store-bought stuff, make this spicy apple salsa.
9. Bake ’em into chips. For a healthier alternative to the potato variety, try out this recipe for homemade apple chips.
10. Whip up a tartine. A tart-what? We’re not sure either, but it seems to be a healthier version of dessert pizza — whole-wheat flour, apples, and some natural sweeteners produce a meal fit for any time of day.
11. Serve a healthier dessert. Slice some apples in half, scoop out the center, and fill it with raisins, honey, and a sprinkle of brown sugar. Bake and top with Greek yogurt — you might not miss the pie and ice cream (but no guarantees).
12. Add ’em to granola. All that’s needed to make this apple granola is a blender, a roasting pan, and an oven. Cut down on the sugar to make it even healthier.
13. Bake some bread. The description of this apple-cinnamon bread had us drooling. Swap in whole-wheat flour to make it even more nutritious.
14. Make some alcoholic popsicles. Don’t mind if we do! Cherries, apples, and limes add a shot of color and antioxidants to this frozen whiskey treat.
15. Preserve them. If you seriously cannot eat another apple right now, then don’t — can, freeze, or dry them so you can enjoy them six to 12 months down the road.
For more ways to use apples this season, head on over to Greatist.

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