These 9 Nuggets Of Dating Advice Are Everything

By Brittany Taylor

We’ve all spent plenty of time asking friends, family, and even ourselves, "How will we know when we’ve found the one?” Ellen McCarthy, a reporter at The Washington Post, is really the one we should be asking. She spent years covering weddings and relationships for the paper’s On Love column — and has had countless conversations about true love.

When she accepted the wedding-reporter gig in 2009, McCarthy was 30 and recently single. She never suspected that complete strangers would be the ones to show her the ropes when it came to love, commitment, and happily(ish) ever after. Yet after chatting with hundreds of couples and more than a few sexperts, she’s written a book on romance: The Real Thing is loaded with stories and lessons on finding love, all from McCarthy's sweet beat. So, naturally, we asked her to hand over the keys to bliss — whether wedded, bedded, or just-for-now TLC.

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