I Asked These 7 Questions & They Changed My Life

Illustrated by Elliot Salazar.
By Susie Moore

From a young age, we’re usually told not to ask a lot of questions — don’t interrupt the teacher; hold your comments until the end of the meeting; figure things out on your own. It was only upon deep reflection after turning 30 that I understood the magical power of simply asking. I realized I've achieved many of my dreams in life — moving to New York City, having a meaningful career, and finding love — because I haven't been afraid to be vulnerable and ask for what I wanted.

The good news: Anyone can learn how to do this more frequently and effectively. If you aren't afraid to take action, anything is possible. I believe that your life’s path can truly come down to a few defining moments and a handful of important questions. Here are seven questions that I asked that changed the course and quality of my life.

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