Why You Should Be Cuddling More (As If You Really Needed Another Reason)

Illustrated by Elliot Salazar.
By Rachel Grumman Bender  

Let’s hug it out! Men, women, and even chimps like to cuddle. So much, in fact, that we’ll use apps to find cuddle partners, join cuddle parties, turn to professional cuddlers (yes, such a thing exists) to fill the hugging void, or even buy a special mattress or pillow just to make cuddling a cozier experience.

It’s no wonder we love cuddling so much: “Touching and hugging enhance our mood and make us feel protected and safe,” says Manhattan-based relationship expert Elyse Goldstein, PhD. That's all the more reason to fire up Netflix and curl up with your sweetie.

And, don’t feel left out if you’re single. Studies show mutual hugging benefits can happen with friends, parents, and even babies and pets.

Here, we list all of the science-backed reasons to pursue premium cuddles.

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