9 Warming Booze-Infused Winter Drink Recipes

Photographed by: Grace Willis
By Tara Fuller
Soup is a classic go-to when the weather cools down, but there are many other ways to warm up from the inside out. Take boozy beverages, for example. Whether served hot or cold, a drop (or five) of alcohol goes a long way when it comes to keeping you toasty.
And, if that isn’t tempting enough: Boozy winter cocktails can be consumed any time of day. (Though we don’t recommend throwing back a few during the workday — at least not every day.) Start with a spiked hot chocolate, get an afternoon kick from a Moscow mule, and simmer down with mulled wine. Sounds like a solid itinerary to us!
Thirsty yet? Get hydrated with these nine festive cocktails. Just make sure to drink plenty of water too.
1. Pomegranate Moscow Mule
Vodka and beer may seem like a dangerous combination, but don’t you worry, it’s non-alcoholic ginger beer. Combined with fresh pomegranate and lime juice, and topped with colorful garnish, this cocktail is the perfect nightcap or something to sip on after a holiday binge.
2. Cranberry And Rosemary White “Christmas” Sangria
Sangria isn’t just for summer. The right flavor combination can be served any time of year — and this recipe brings all the right players to the holiday table. Using fresh cranberries, rosemary, and two types of apple (Granny Smith and Braeburn), it’ll satisfy the sweet tooth in everyone. While the drink is a bit high in sugar, the base is club soda, which keeps things on the lighter side.
3. Spiced Apple Cider Champagne Cocktail
Got five minutes? Then you have plenty of time to make this festive cocktail. Simply mix fresh apple cider with champagne and Tennessee cider (apple brandy works too), and the drink is ready for you and your thirsty guests. To make them look slightly fancier, add a cinnamon stick to each glass.
Photographed by: Grace Willis
4. Kahlua Hot Chocolate
One look at this decadent drink is enough to convince us we need it in our lives — immediately. And, while it may look like a glass of sugar overload, it actually isn’t too sweet. Making your own hot chocolate mix allows you to control the sugar (and alcohol) contents, and the toppings are of course optional. (Though we highly recommend adding them all.)
5. Christmas Tree Cocktail
The only thing better than a Christmas tree itself is a cocktail that tastes like one. Okay, this drink doesn’t actually taste like pine, but the gin and fresh mint provide an earthy taste while the pomegranate adds that deep red holiday color we love so much. The only thing missing is your favorite Christmas tune.
6. Hot Buttered Hazelnut Whiskey
Even those who don’t care for the taste of whiskey can get behind this winter beverage. With only four ingredients (six if you include whipped cream and cinnamon), it’s easy to have this hot and ready in minutes. Snow days just got WAY better.
Photographed by: Grace Willis
7. Mulled Wine
Mulled wine is a classic. But, it’s easy to find versions (especially from bars and restaurants) that are too sweet or overly spiced. This drink has the perfect balance of flavors, and making it yourself means you can spice up your life as much as you please. Though the recipe creator says to use any citrus, we’re partial to orange and lemon.
8. Coconut Vanilla Bellinis
What’s the secret to staying hydrated while drinking without chugging water? Making a cocktail with coconut juice. While you shouldn’t totally nix the agua (if you’re trying to avoid a wicked hangover, that is), the blend of ingredients will keep you quenched and your taste buds tickled. Tip: Use a mix of coconut water and juice to keep sweetness levels down.
9. Christmas Coffee Cocktail
Four different kinds of booze and strong coffee may sound like a dangerous combination, but it’s worth the experiment. Plus, the amounts of alcohol are minimal, and you can always stick to one serving. For a full holiday experience, pair with Christmas cookies — or any kind of cookie.

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