Dream Come True: Garance Doré To Sell Her Gorgeous Illustrations

Garance Doré is one of those girls who does it all — perfectly dressed, flawless makeup, a charming wit, and a boyfriend to match. And of course, her beautiful illustrations are one of the many things that make her blog so unique. If you've ever hoped to cop a bit of that uniqueness for yourself, rejoice: Garance is officially ready to start rubbing off on you, for the low price of $35.
The queen of French chic will soon begin selling her signature illustrations as art prints, but not before she hosts an opening exhibition in New York. Though the collection will be released in a limited edition, she still wants to keep the prints accessible to all her readers: Doré told WWD she wanted to offer, "something you can buy for a present and not be too crazy.” Friends and family, if you're reading, these are the things we want to see under the tree this year! (WWD)
Illustration: Courtesy of Garance Doré.

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