15 Classic Cocktails That Are The Life Of The Party

Photo: Courtesy of James Ransom/Food52
In order to compile this list of need-to-know classic cocktails, I relied on advice from four of my more knowledgeable colleagues. (Perhaps that should have been a warning sign that I was not authorized to write this.) Here is a transript of part of the ensuing converation:
Sarah: "By "martinez," do you mean martini?"
Marian: "No, they're distinct."
Sarah: "I can't tell if you're kidding."
Don't let this happen to you. I may not know anything about cocktails, but together, let's promise to study these 15 classic recipes and stock up on the spirits we'll need to practice making them. Soon, we'll be the life of the party (and we'll be significantly less likely to say something dumb at a bar — or in the workplace).
We've also included some tools from the latest Provisions collection -- some essential, some ritzy -- to help you make cocktails in style.

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