How To Turn Old Bread Into 5 Homemade Meals

This weekend, you may have gone to the farmers market, or to a cheery bakery. You were there for produce, or for coffee, or for whatever you shop for on the weekends. And, you saw a beautiful, warm, crackly loaf of bread, and suddenly your wallet was in your hand and the bread was in your bag and you ripped off a big hunk and ate it immediately, happily.
Maybe that happened, maybe it didn't. But, I'm guessing that you might have a loaf of bread that's going stale on your counter, whether it's that dreamy loaf you ripped into or a sad one from the supermarket. Honestly, it doesn't matter — you're going to make breadcrumbs out of it.
And, once you do, you'll have your own, homemade magic dust for your week of meals ahead of you — whether you'll sprinkle them on greens or pasta, or fold them into patties, or use them to bind things or coat things or to just make things better. You probably didn't realize what a staple homemade breadcrumbs were — and now that you have them around, you will.

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