A Super-Simple Boozy Punch Recipe To Drink On New Year's

Photo: Courtesy of Food52.
By Kate
My roommate and I made this punch for a recent housewarming party. The temperature had just dropped outside, and apple cider was abundant all over New England. Wanting an easy party drink that tasted just like the season, we immediately grabbed rye whiskey as our base spirit. We added a one-two punch of fresh-pressed apple cider and the hard stuff (for bubbles). We found some great maple-flavored bitters at a cocktail shop in Somerville, MA, but any bitters you like should work fine. We used Old Overholt Rye; no need to grab super-fancy stuff for this drink.
Apple Rye Punch
Serves 10-20, depending on your tolerance!
6 cups apple cider
One 750-ml bottle of rye (we love rye, but really, any whiskey will do)
20-30 dashes maple bitters, or other bitters like Angostura
12-24 oz hard cider
Mix together apple cider, whiskey, and bitters in large punch bowl. This mixture can be held for a day or two before serving. Right before serving, stir in hard cider to taste and add ice mold, if using. Season punch to taste with extra bitters. Serve punch with additional ice.

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