How To Stop Freaking Out (Most Of The Time)

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The universe has a plan, and an individual plan for you at that. When there is a situation that occurs over and over again in your life, the universe is trying to teach you something, and until you learn that lesson, it will keep repeating itself. The universe is trying to wake you up, and your resistance can show up as people, situations, or physically in the body.
For instance, if you are having the same partner or type of relationship, then there is an aspect of you that is yearning for growth and change beyond the current, limited situation. This keeps showing up, and that’s actually a good thing, as frustrating as it may feel, because you are ready to move beyond this and stop hitting the same blocks.
This happened to me a few years ago when I had the feeling of a sudden loss of control over my life and had built up a lot of resistance as result. Within weeks, we had a flooded basement, found out we had dangerous levels of bacteria in our water, our kitchen sink backed up completely, we had a leak in the house, and found a mold problem due to the water issues. Beyond the frustrations, it took me a while, but I realized all blockages were due to the water not being able to flow and causing all this backup as a result. This was a mirror of what I was doing in my own life: putting up resistance to the changes instead of allowing them to happen.
Resistance is really fear of the unknown. And to live our lives, we have to be comfortable with a certain amount of uncertainty. It is much worse to live in fear and resistance and not move forward in life. Usually, what we find is the results are not as bad as we thought. This lets us take the power back in the situation. When you feel resistance, your chakras close; you feel more angst and constriction, and inspiration or intuition can't flow to you.
What you can do to let go of resistance and move into a more allowing state:
Be Present
Use a simple breathing and grounding exercise. With feet on the floor, no crossed limbs, take 10 deep breaths, counting in for five, hold for five, and exhale for five. Aim to get your inhale as deep as your exhale. This will help ground you, take you out of your head, and back in body (and heart).
Manage Your Thoughts
If you are going into a loop of negative thoughts, listen to them, and release them. Disassociate yourself from them. Be mindful of what you think and what you say. The universe is listening!
Consider Your Choices
Consider what is possible and remain open. Be aware of your emotions, use them as a compass to know where to go.
Use a simple meditation when walking. Inhale to allow yourself to receive, and exhale to let go of all that no longer serves you.
“The cave that you fear to enter, holds the treasure that you seek.” —Joseph Campbell
Photo: Alison Scarpulla/Courtesy of Eyla. This post was authored by Courtney Somer.

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