How To Get Happy This Very Minute

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Everything in the universe is energy. You are energy, so are your emotions, thoughts and words. These energies hold a vibration, which flow out into the world and constitute the field that surrounds you.
This will determine not only your current state of being, but what you attract into your life — people, circumstances, events — and create your future. So, keeping your energetic field clear, open and positive is one of the most important things you can do to influence what you attract and help create what you want.
If the world is a reflection of your thoughts and emotions, consider your own life. Is it filled with anxiety and frustrations? Does it seem there is one block after the next? Or is there a general sense of flow, ease and allowing? Do you tend to focus on lack or abundance? If you spend most of your time in a hurried, stressed state with a focus on what you do not have, that’s more of what you will create. For many years, I lived this way. It felt like being on a hamster wheel, a cycle of going and doing that I could not change or get control of. After doing my spiritual work and getting a handle on my life, I realized I was the one creating this and it was up to me to change it.
Change your state by managing your thoughts and shifting the way you look at the world.
Here are some ways to do just that:
1. Create your day.
When you first wake up in the morning, or if you have children set an alarm before anyone else is up, take a few minutes and sit in a comfortable meditative position. Imagine it's the end of the day and you are taking inventory on how you spent the time since you got out of bed. Look back to review what the events were, what accomplishments happened, what you enjoyed, what put you a step closer to your goals, who did you share it with? If today could go completely in your favor, what would happen? Go through it as if it’s happening and feel the flow of life unfolding how you want it to. End your meditation by thanking the universe for granting you the day you just created.
2. Set an intention.
Declare to yourself what you are going to experience today. Is it love, laughter, serendipity, fun, vitality? Whatever it is, own it and set the day in motion with this intention. “Today I am going to experience joy.” Then do whatever you can to feel that emotion now, the more you feel it the more you bring it into your life.
3. Change your posture.
Sounds simple, but being hunched over constricts energy. The slump is how you feel and what you give off. Sitting up straight with shoulders back creates a higher energy in your body and field. A straighter spine also helps create a clearer and more focused mind.
4. Be mindful of your words.
Listen to what you are saying and how you say it. “I’ll never get the job I want. I’m going to be single forever.” Don’t put these words out to the universe. If you are not expecting to get what you want or that there is never enough, this is what you will experience.
5. Improve the company you keep.
The people you surround yourself with can greatly affect your outlook. Don’t be around those that are going to bring you down or influence you to indulging in their bad habits. When you find yourself gossiping or complaining based on another’s attitude, this is never going to improve your life. One simple test is if after being with someone you feel worse, less confident, like you’re not good enough, that is not good company. Seek out friends and support that make you want to be more like them.
6. Feel gratitude.
The universe loves gratitude. You can have all the things in the world, but if you’re not grateful it won’t mean anything. As human beings, we’re going to constantly be launching new desires, and that’s part of our make up. Knowing you will always want something new or different, once you get what you seek, will help you to feel grateful for where you are now. Being grateful and accepting all that you have right now allows more goodness to flow to you.
Photo: Hollie Fernando; Courtesy of Eyla. This post was authored by Courtney Somer.

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