6 Ways You Can Be More Creative & Energized Right Now

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Creativity, abundance, feeling sexy, being loved, being fertile and being energized: They all sound great, right? Well, the energy of life-giving creativity, sexuality and even financial prowess are all situated in the same area according to holistic medicine and energy healing. Here is feng shui inspiration to open up your second chakra if you feel blocked in your creative and abundant power.
Chakras are a fancy word for energy centers on your body that store information and regulate the flow of life force or “chi” through your body. Feng shui is a way to do the same “energy directing” of chi through your home.Your second or “sacral” chakra is located under your belly button. The idea is that when you are blocked here, you’ll have trouble with creativity, money, sex — potentially problems with your stomach, uterus (women), kidneys…I am not a doctor but I am sharing what I have been both taught and counseled by experts, and you can take it with a grain of salt. By no means would I suggest hanging orange curtains to cure kidney disease. But, that said, orange curtains might just support your healing, even just on an emotional level. At its best, that’s what an integrated and holistic lifestyle is: You don’t get too hyper-focused on just one way to “fix” something “broken.” Rather, you can explore true lifestyle switches that can create greater balance to your entire life.
Orange is the color of the second chakra. So, of course, mixing some orange into your decor — especially the emotive darer tangerines and juicy citrus shades — is one stimulating idea. Mind you, too much orange in your decor will be overwhelming, so be sparing and stick to either accessories or using orange in rooms that are very well-lit and full of windows.
In the feng shui bagua, the second chakra correlates with legacy, which is sometimes called family. So, check out what is happening in this area of your house (and your life) and see it it can be cleaned, cleared, or otherwise brightened. By the way, this area of family is directly in line with creativity. So, your creative fulfillment will strength family and your legacy.
Carnelian is one of the gemstones in fiery orange red that is thought to support this area of your body energetically. I happen to love it. You can add it to a necklace, put some on a counter top display, even drop some in your plant pots.
Orange foods are also thought to open up and balance your second chakra. Keep in mind that the idea is moderation. Orange foods in excess can turn you orange.
More active, bold, and vibrant creative indulgence is often recommended to heal imbalances in this area. Journals and sketchbooks are an outstanding place to start actively exploring your imagination outside of your head.
And, aromatherapy for this area includes a luscious rose. Rose, rosewood, and small amounts of ylang ylang essential oils are divine both to smell and experience in massage oil. I mix some with raw coconut oil and use it as a body oil. (Always patch test aromatherapy for 24 hours on your wrist before, and read up on oils before using them to learn any precautions.)
Last but not least, please remember that this is not meant to be “work.” Holistic goodies should be, at the very least, simple, and at best, exciting and delicious to explore. Enjoy!
This post was authored by Dana Claudat.

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