Apartment Fatigue? How To Cleanse And Recharge Your Digs For Fall

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I am moving back into a renovated apartment next week (finally!), and one of the aspects of moving I have always been curious about is how to cleanse the energy of a new home or re-energize one you already live or work in. In all cases, there is leftover energy from people that have lived, worked, or been through the space, and this energy can become stagnant. We asked a few of Eyla’s friend how to cleanse a space with simple rituals, ceremonies, or intentions.
“Holding an intention is a wonderful ritual to consummate a relationship with a new space. I like to do a fire ceremony when setting an intention for such an occasion. On one side of a piece of paper, one writes all that one wants to bring into and experience in the space. On the other, all that one wants to release and let go as one leaves behind the old space. This is a process that can take as long as one wishes, a couple of weeks or more before moving into the space. Or, if one has already moved in, to take one’s time and to see what needs to go and what needs to stay or come in. Then, while mentally feeling one’s feet to stay grounded, use sage or holy wood and walk around the space slowly clockwise three times and burn it while holding the paper with the intention. Finally, burn the piece of paper, and release it into the space. The ashes of the paper can be placed in a small container and kept as a reminder in a place that meets the eye frequently.”
“Great spring cleaning totally begins in one’s home. Even in temporary living arrangements or with shared accommodations, it's important to set as much of your space as you can to always be at home inside yourself. Home is the idea of foundation, and [it's] being rooted that allows us to stand strong in the midst of all the changes of life. One simple but ancient practice is to create an altar wherever you rest. This is a great practice I take with me when I have to travel and stay at other people’s homes or in hotels. In terms of size, it can be as simple as a piece of paper or a whole room where you place objects that are meaningful and inspire you. This can take a religious or spiritual note, but it really depends on what you feel connected to. It could be as straightforward as setting aside quotes or photos that make you smile or a creative endeavor you can invest a lot of time into. Creating an altar serves as a reminder that peace begins with you, and that, wherever you go, you are home.”
“I use simple feng shui techniques with any new home we move into. It is important to clear your space before moving all of your belongings in, if possible. Arrange bowls of water with flowers floating in them, candles and sage in each corner of every room. Then, using your left hand, you can scan the interior of your home around its periphery, stopping where you feel any blockages. Allow a clearer, stronger force of energy to clean the space. Pay extra attention to the corners, doors, and closets where energy can get stuck.”
- "Change of living space and change of routine can temporarily affect Vata, the air element in the body/mind. To offset this, eat warm, regular meals and do not skip lunch — even if the moving truck is outside waiting for you.
- Instead of an extra cup of coffee, try Tulsi tea — it calms the mind without a dulling effect. You will feel alert.
- If you can’t ask an astrologer to select an auspicious day for your move into the new home, burn incense, a ghee lamp (or candle), and put fresh flowers on a table (or shelf) facing east in your new place. A simple mantra to the Vedic archetype of obstacle busting, Ganesha, can ensure a smooth transition. The sounds are: ‘Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha’ recited 108 times. Or simply ‘Gum’ repeated 27 times if you are in a hurry. You can also add sounds to appeal to Lord Muruga, the ruler of planet Mars and real estate: ‘Om Sharavanabava’ 108 or 27 times.”
“Be sure to have a clear intention set before you begin, such as clearing all unwanted, remaining, or leftover energy in the space to make room for new energy to flow in. This can be done with your hands. While walking through each room, swipe around the wall and throw the energy toward the window or door. Once all rooms have been swiped, go outside and — using your hands — wipe yourself down, and throw the energy away. Leave the apartment for two hours, and let the energy clear out.”
From RD Chin:
“Feng Shui Orange Peel Blessing for Moving Into a New Space
Between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m., open all the doors and windows that connect to the outside of the home or apartment.
It would be even better to choose the peak of the new moon, which symbolizes 'new beginnings,' or the full moon, which represents the 'birth of new projects,' or another auspicious date, such as your birthday or moving into a new home or office, to perform this blessing ceremony.
Prepare nine oranges, and cut nine round pieces of orange peels from each orange.
Orange represents auspiciousness and 'good-luck' chi energy!
Break the orange peels into small pieces and scatter them in all the rooms of the house.
When scattering the orange peels, visualize all the vibrant and healthy 'good-luck' energy of the orange peels combined with your visualization of 'unconditional love' filling your entire home with happy chi and prosperous chi energies!
Be sure to turn off all your phones to create your sacred moment of welcoming positive into your space!”
Have fun!
Photo: By Rachel Dowda/Courtesy of Eyla. This post was authored by Courtney Somer.

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