Peep The Genius Behind Reformation's Ethereal Digs

If I were to go to reform school, I’d want Yael Aflalo to be my head master. This fierce and fearless L.A. native is ridiculously smart, successful, stylish, smoking hot, and creative — plus she’s making bold and conscious choices about business, fashion, and our earth. Yael is my hero and her leadership is inspiring us all! Oh, did I mention she is doing all this and looking damn cute while doing so?
Yael is the CEO and creator of The Reformation, a swiftly-growing, environmentally-conscious fashion brand that every downtown fashionista adores. Yael is not afraid to break the mold when it comes to fashion and design. She is continually pushing herself to find ways for fashion, design, function, value, and sustainability to coexist. Reformation, at its core, is a sustainable fashion brand that repurposes vintage and surplus materials to create a chic, limited edition collection. How smart is that? Clothes that we can be proud to wear while also feeding our exclusivity needs. I mean, who doesn’t like to wear one-of-a-kind pieces?
I was unbelievably swooned by her mind-blowing loft. I mean, it has it all: a massive duplex with crazy light streaming in from a killer skylight, patina’d brick walls, excessively high ceilings. And, she’s curated a perfect mix of modernist and classic furnishings in a rich warm palette that’s sprinkled with eclectic antiques to boot! Plus, I was schooled in how much excessive waste there is in the fashion industry — and how Yael is making a difference.
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