Peep The Vintage Decor Of This Beachy California Home

Is it possible for a home to evoke beauty, synergy, and creativity with an earthy ease and envy all at once? I’ve recently discovered it is, after stepping inside the impeccably designed and spiritual hippie-foodie haven that is Amanda Chantal Bacon’s home. Amanda, the force behind Silver Lake and Venice Beach’s awe-inspiring Moon Juice — a juice lovers heaven! — has created the perfect mélange of mid-century furnishings highlighted with an eclectic vintage collection in a California beach bungalow that is absolutely swoon-worthy!
But, how did her home become the haven it is now? Well, we’ve all done it — fought hard to get something we know we want, leveraged all we have. That was exactly the case with Amanda and her bungalow. When she saw a handwritten "For Sale" sign on her now-home, she made sure she was the first line for the open house and admits, “I essentially leveraged my newborn to get my foot in the door and make a good impression!”
When I first entered Amanda’s home, it gave me goosebumps, the way only real creativity can. Nothing turns me on creatively as much as good design. Seeing it, swooning it, being inspired by it, and being made curious by it ­— wanting to understand the journey, vision, and process that has led to this creation. As I stood surrounded by vintage textiles and textured ceramics, Amanda’s home made me intensely curious. There was such a balance, one that made you feel beautiful because of the elegant juxtapositions of delicate art, Moroccan rugs, vintage furniture, lush plants, bright crystals, and unbelievable lighting — OH the lighting! Serge Mouille in abundance and perfectly restored nuggets from Rewire made me swoon-crazy. Not to mention the 1970s convertible sofa bed designed by Alessandro Becchi for Anfibio! What could encompass the lounging, laid-back vibe of Venice more?
The thing that fascinates me the most about Amanda’s process is the way she tackles design piece by piece — crafting and curating little by little, just the approach I took with my Amagansett home. Financial constraints can nag us, but they often force us to be more selective and creative, challenging us to fine-tune our choices.
One of my favorite things about Amanda’s home is the way she uses color: painting a door frame purple, making the kitchen avocado green, bold color in art and rugs. It's genius! And, each of her daring design choices complements the home’s structural elements, like the peaked wooden-beamed ceiling in the living room — a space that Amanda had the vision to transform from a tired old garage is now full of sun, where light literally beams in. Magic. What can I say? Amanda’s home truly captures that clean, modern, beach-y vive that can only be Southern California. SWOON.
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