A Peek Inside Pamela Love's Beautiful Upstate Home

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I’ve always been fascinated by other people’s creative journeys — it’s the behind the scenes that intrigues me. What was the spark of an idea, the mere curiosity that’s led them to where they are today? Pamela Love, someone who I admire, collect, and consider a friend, has had quite the journey in the past few years as her work has become one of the most sought after and recognizable jewelry lines, even being honored by the CFDA Fashion Fund.
As a designer and a woman, Pamela’s work is both spiritual and intuitive. Astronomy, astrology, alchemy, Mexican folklore, tribalism, and mysticism are all currents in her work. At the same time, she’s influenced by New York’s architecture and medieval European iconography — leading to creations that are both urban and mystic. But, her behind the scenes journey starts with work as an apprentice to the painter Francesco Clemente, who without a doubt informed her creative eye, ultimately encouraging her to pursue her talent for jewelry making. Often when life is full of conflict, life-changing moments are revealed to us. For Pamela, the death of her father was such a turning point, leading to a fascination with traditional Memento Mori jewelry and the idea that an object can hold special power, or remind you to live life to its fullest.
Pamela and I have known each other for a few years now, we have quite a few bewitching friends in common, and a few weeks ago she invited me to come stay at her swoon-worthy home upstate. The house and the setting could not be more ideal: A stream runs across the hilly pasture and the home is set perfectly on the land so that light streams through every window. The house itself is a complete reflection of Pamela and her illustrator husband Matthew’s tastes, both modern and rustic with a spiritual hippie-heaven vibe. As Pamela gave me a tour, we talked design and renovation and I cannot wait to see how she curates the space with her eclectic treasures and earthy edginess. I know it will be original, steeped in authenticity and mythology.

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