The Design Spot We Desperately Wanna Live In

It's a fact: Athena Calderone is a curator of all things gorgeous. Her breathtaking home decor, delicious recipes, and eye for style inspired her to create EyeSwoon, a hub for home and food inspiration. Now, It Girl Calderone will be taking us to New York's need-to-know spots and introducing us to the coolest people around.
My eye is always seeking out polarizing elements in just about everything I do. When designing a space, I pride myself on combining elevated and refined stand out pieces, with rustic undone materials like rough rope or knotty wood. For me it’s all about achieving the ying and yang — mixing high and low, or giving some grit and glam. But, it’s also about the hunt for those elements, the unexpected discoveries, and, finally, the transformation.
I might have met my match in Natasha Esch, the brilliant owner and creator of MONC XIII in Sag Harbor, NY. Natasha has curated a design store that is truly a handpicked plethora of dreamy European antiques, some customized with timeless fabrics, others respectfully kept intact to show off their original patina. But you can also find pure glam at MONC — vintage mixed-metal light fixtures dangle above your head — and scattered perfectly throughout the space are stunning home accessories, all perfect tabletop treats! For me though, it’s the environment Natasha has created to house all these gems that makes MONC XIII a standout shopping destination. The entire structure is, without a doubt, swoon-worthy!

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