The Ceremony Actually Took Place On A Central Park Rowboat

I met Nicolia well before her wedding-planning days. It was 2007, and we were both studying abroad in New Zealand. Although we became Facebook friends and hung out a bit that semester, it wasn't until years later that we reconnected when Nicolia wrote to me with a very special request. She said she'd been following my work with interest over the years and asked me if I would photograph her wedding! 

It was such an honor to join Nicolia and her betrothed, Andrej, at their unique Central Park wedding at Wagner Cove. Although Nicolia and Andrej weren't living in New York, it was where they wanted to be married. With family and friends flying in from all over — including Slovakia, Andrej’s home country — the wedding was the most splendid affair.

Instead of a white bridal gown, Nicolia opted for a beautiful seafoam green dress, but that detail doesn't even begin to describe the incredibly unique flavor of the wedding, which took place in rowboats.

Nicolia and Andrej had friends arrive to the park early and reserve a dozen rowboats, even though they weren't 100% confident that it would work out. Since the pair had a fond memory of an early date in a rowboat, they really wanted to revisit the scene for the nuptials. It worked — half the group rowed, while others walked alongside the water, waving and sharing in the beautiful moment.

As for my approach, I decided to shoot some shots on land and others from one of the rowboats. I think you'll agree as you click through the photos ahead, that it was a success. Not all alternative wedding ideas read so well in photographs, but this one definitely did.

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