These Brides Took The NYC Subway To Their Ceremony

One of the coolest parts of my job is the sheer diversity of it. From shooting pre-wedding prep at 30th-floor penthouses with shiny marble floors to photographing couples taking to the streets with their bridal parties in tow, I get to help show off the personalities of the couples getting married. As much as I appreciate a high-end, super-elegant affair, I also LOVE low-key, laid-back weddings.

Jesse and Sarah were definitely relaxed on their big day — even opting to take the train to their wedding, because, well, who needs a stretch limo when you have the grimy and familiar ease of the New York City subway system? It's this kind of thing that makes a wedding one-of-a-kind, and it's what makes me passionate about my work.

The women would probably call themselves pretty normal, and yet their wedding was nothing short of spectacular, right down to the matching white suits and funky cowboy boots. According to the duo, they met at “an embarrassingly pure, alcohol-free pumpkin-carving party,” and were introduced by two mutual friends who “conspired to get them together.”

Nothing says romance like sober pumpkin-carving, right? Jesse and Sarah are now happily married, cat-loving Park Slope residents. Click through the slideshow to see just what I find so stunning about their celebration!

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