These Brides Refused To Let Anything Ruin Their Big Day

Wow, where do I even start to describe the epicness of Tiffany and Bekah’s wedding at the Lake Claire Community Land Trust in Atlanta? This was my first time in Atlanta, and it was better than I could’ve ever imagined.
I was sitting in a hammock in the Philippines when I received the inquiry. “My name is Tiffany, and I am writing because my fiancée and I have been simply overwhelmed by your art! Our wedding will be September 27, 2014, in our home city of Atlanta. If you are available on that day (EEEK!), I can’t tell you what it would mean to us to have you there.”
I knew right away I wanted to photograph this wedding. Anytime a couple loves my work so much that they want to fly me somewhere to document this personal piece of their lives, not only am I extremely humbled, but I also see it less as a business deal and more about karma — an event that was destined to be.
When I met Tiffany and Bekah, it was as though we had already been friends for a long time. It’s now been over a month since their wedding day, and we’ve texted nearly every day since then. Though I've certainly stayed in touch with each and every one of my clients, this is a special relationship.
Shooting their wedding was not only a fulfilling moment in my career, but a personal high. Everything about the day was filled with so much love. It was also emotional, because Bekah’s parents chose not to be there — but the love of her community and friends enveloped the couple every moment of the day.
Please enjoy these photos from one of the most love-filled events I’ve had the pleasure of attending.

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