She Proposed To Him With A Glass Of Bourbon — The Rest Is History

Some weddings don’t need a lot of words. This is one of them.
I met Kate at a vintage speakeasy party in Brooklyn called Shanghai Mermaid, which my dear friend Juliette produces and which I photograph. (You can see pictures of this unique party by clicking here.)
A few months before the wedding, Kate (who works at Etsy, BTW), and I met up for a beer in Park Slope to chat about her wedding, and she had this to say: “It’s going to be in an old house in upstate New York while the leaves are turning and there’s going to be a fire pit, a food truck, a dog in a bow tie, whiskey, and pies.”
It was all true! And, let me tell you, they take their whiskey seriously.
After I posted a few previews, and in which I affectionately called Kate and Greg’s wedding “The Whiskey Wedding,” Kate sent this to my inbox:
“Erica, we are so proud that you dubbed our wedding 'the whiskey wedding.' It captures what a blast we all had (right?) but it’s also fitting, as I proposed to Greg with whiskey. We decided together that we wanted to marry, but I liked the idea of us both 'officially' asking each other. For my birthday, we were sitting around a bonfire under pine trees, and I asked him to marry me. When Greg pointed out that I was supposed to get down on a knee and give him something, I knelt down and offered up the rest of the bourbon in my mug. He already had a ring and a big plan laid out to ask me, but agreed anyway at that moment. We’re both thrilled with the way our wedding captured so many of our loves in one day, from the people we care about, to the music that’s so much a part of our lives, right down to the appreciation of fire and bourbon that in part brought us there.”
Click through to see photos of this fabulous couple's nuptials.

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