Couple Meets At Keg Party — & The Rest Is History

Johnny and Adam met under not quite glamorous circumstances at a college keg party in a damp, shady basement in Madison, Wisconsin. Adam shamelessly flirted with Johnny in front of his boyfriend…whom Adam did not know was Johnny’s boyfriend at the time. After five months of not seeing each other, they both showed up to another college party where Johnny ended up pushing Adam up against a wall and kissing him! Luckily this time, neither of them had boyfriends. The rest is history, and from a photographer’s standpoint, I can tell you that these two guys had an absolute blast at their wedding.
I knew Johnny long before Adam did because we attended high school together in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. I was prominently “out of the closet,” while Johnny did not official come out until after graduation…but it came as no surprise!
Not only was Johnny and Adam’s wedding aesthetically beautiful and classic, it was emotional and heartfelt. A small group of mutual friends from high school were in attendance, and for all of them, it was their first gay wedding. I’ve found that as a LGBT wedding photographer, sometimes unexpected emotions pop up during a gay wedding, especially for gay individuals that grew up in a small, conservative Midwestern town. Johnny and Adam’s wedding was not just a celebration of their love, but a celebration of the right to love.
Johnny is medical resident at Yale, and so they chose a location not far from them. And, I must say, The Pavilion on Crystal Lake was the perfect choice. Their ceremony was set in the woods during the golden hour of sunlight, as the sun peeked through the trees, and their ceremony inside was full of gorgeous rustic touches that went so perfectly with the tone of the wood and their lighting set up. Enjoy these photos from Johnny and Adam’s Connecticut wedding.

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