8 Picks To Help You Spring Clean Your Home

Sure, everything changes once you become a mom, but that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. Elizabeth Street, an international collective of mothers who understand what it’s like to do everything one-handed, is here to help you discover everything from the newest green-friendly beauty products to the chicest home decor ideas — whether you’re raising a little one or not.
That first fresh spring day, when the snow is finally gone and the sky is clear and blue, always heralds the beginning of my spring cleaning craze. First, I throw open all the windows to let in that cool, fresh breeze. Then I start scouring from top to bottom — windows, rugs, floors. My concentration is unbroken; no surface escapes me. And, by Mother's Day, our home looks and feels sparkly clean.
Because I also like to get rid of that heavy, stuffy winter feeling, I use scented cleaning products for my big clean: lavender glass cleaner, geranium dish soap — that kind of thing. The resulting natural-smelling fragrance is enough to knock out the last cobwebs of drab, freezing winter from every corner.
There are so many lovely scented cleaning products on the market. From clean, grassy scents to lemon-y, citrus-y ones, it's an easy way to make spring cleaning feel slightly less like drudgery and more like a spa treatment for your house. Click through the slideshow for deliciously-scented cleaning products that summon the rites of spring.

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